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Attackers Shouldn’t Have The Information Advantage

Flare’s Threat Exposure Management solution integrates into your security program in 30 minutes to provide your team with actionable intelligence and automated remediation for threats across the clear & dark web.

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How Flare Is Different

Flare unifies monitoring of thousands of cybercrime communities & clear web sites to proactively detect the threats that lead to ransomware attacks, data breaches, and security incidents.

1 Minimum Noise, Maximum Context

We’ve tailored Flare’s coverage to provide high-fidelity, actionable intelligence that is specific to your organization. We focus on maximizing relevant context while minimizing unnecessary alerts, leading to less wasted SOC time, faster time to detection, and reduced risk.

2 Autonomous Takedown

At Flare, we’ve focused on building a platform that enables end to end collection to remediation. Using AI language models, we can autonomously takedown lookalike domains and public GitHub secrets disclosure at the click of a button.

4 Unified Collection Across the Sources That Matter

Flare collects intelligence from across the clear & dark web. Our collection rivals or eclipses legacy CTI providers while providing:

3 Automatically Translate & Contextualize

Flare AI can take inputs from any language on earth and deliver actionable intelligence at scale. Flare AI Assist seamlessly translates Russian, Arabic, Spanish, French, and other threat actor forum posts into seamless English summaries that provide rich context.

How Flare Works